History Stage

 1992 - On the 26th of August 1992 the Ukrainian Joint-Stock Commercial Industrial and Investment Bank (Prominvestbank of Ukraine) was established with Mr. Volodymyr P. Matvienko, (professor, first Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine) at the head. The Bank became a member of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established corresponding relations with banks from 33 countries, doubled the number of its currency exchange offices. The number of foreign currency accounts opened by clients with the Bank increased by 6.5 times. The Bank began implementing advanced banking related technology.

1993 - Prominvestbank actively finances the real economy. The volume of loans increased 20 times as compared to 1992. The Bank's strategy is aimed at the self-supply by own credit funding. As a result of this, the Bank's capital grew 134.3 times and raised funding by 16 times. The Bank opened various currency accounts for private customers and introduced new services. The Bank became a member of SWIFT. International settlements developed rapidly. Prominvestbank opened correspondent accounts with 48 foreign banks. Expansion of the branch network. For the first time in Ukraine, banking business was fully computerized.
1994 - Completion of the transfer of all internal banking customers' settlements through a newly established Bank's Clearing Center. The Bank launched the transition to the method of settlements including the use of an advanced model of servicing of the consolidated correspondent account with the National Bank of Ukraine.
1995 - Despite the unfavorable environment of the deepening national economic crisis, Prominvestbank developed and strengthened its leading position among the commercial banks of the country. The Bank's capital grew almost 4 times, and the share capital 5 times. Prominvestbank made up almost 20% of the banking capital in Ukraine. The Bank financed all key sectors of the economy. Payment card technologies were launched and 412 local payment cards of the Bank were issued.
1996 - The capital increased by 71% over the year. The Bank carried out projects for the development of the national aircraft and ship-building industries as well as the financing of coal-mining companies. Prominvestbank became a member of the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange and of the Off-Stock Exchange Trading System. The Bank took an active part in the introduction of the new Ukrainian currency - the Hryvnia.
1997 - The Bank's capital grew by 25% and deposits by 2.4 times. Introduction of International Payment cards, the Bank became a member of the international payment systems VISA, EUROPAY, MasterCard International.Kyiv Banking Institute was established.
1998 - Prominvestbank was the only bank to provide bank services with Russia during the financial crisis. According to the opinion poll by "Business" newspaper (weekly information & analytical business edition which covers all aspects of business activities in Ukraine), Prominvestbank was recognized as the best bank in Ukraine. The Bank's accounting was converted to International Accounting Standards.

1999 - The Bank's Loan Portfolio grew 3 times as compared to 1998. The capital reached UAH 682.7 million, making it, at the time, the largest Ukrainian bank by share capital. The Bank's management structure was reorganized. According to "The Banker" magazine, the Bank ranks among 500 top European banks and is in 1118th place among 2000 top world banks.

2000 - The Bank's key performance indicators (credit funding, resource base, capital) are up. The Bank's international ranking has risen to the 1006th place among the top world banks.
2001 - The Bank won a tender for the provision of services of pensions and financial aid payment. MoneyGram international transfers launched.
2002 - According to "The Banker" magazine, the Bank is ranked among the top 20 banks of the Central and Eastern Europe and is the 980th among the top 1000 world banks.
2003 - Prominvestbank was awarded the prestigious Bank of the Year for Ukraine by "The Banker" magazine. The Bank is the only Ukrainian bank ranked among the top 1000 world banks and 25 leading banks in Central and Eastern Europe.

2004 - The Bank's key performance indicators increased. The system of the central management was improved, which promoted the level of management and increased the responsibility for the results. "The Banker" magazine awarded Prominvestbank the Bank of the Year for Ukraine for the second year in a row.

2005 - Prominvestbank is increasing the volumes of investment lending to the economy, including agro-industrial complex. The Bank supports projects of national importance, improves efficiency of transactions, develops the branch network, and introduces new services for clients. Prominvestbank has been authorized to pay out salaries to employees of state companies and public social aid in all regions of Ukraine.
2006 - "The Banker" magazine for the third time declared Prominvestbank as the best Bank in Ukraine in terms of its qualitative characteristic such as: solvency, liquidity and effectiveness. "The Banker" magazine (Financial Times Group) is the world-famous English financial magazine. Over the last five years the Bank has improved its position by 135 positions in the prestigious rating list of the world's leading banks and now holds position 871.
2007 - The Bank improved its key performance indicators. Moody's international rating agency (New York) assigned to Prominvestbank one of the highest ratings among Ukrainian banks. The Bank received international recognition, in particular certificates of excellence of money transfer system MoneyGram and honorary diploma of Western Union Financial Services GMBH. The Bank is ranked among the top 1,000 world banks, having improved its position over the last six years by 167 positions.

2008 - The 1st half of 2008 was very successful for the Bank in the field of customers' resources attraction, crediting and profit increase. In October due to sudden customers' resources outflow the Bank liquidity decreased considerably; therefore according to the National Bank of Ukraine regulation dated October 7, 2008 Acting Administration was introduced into the Bank. In December 2008 State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" (Russian Federation) together with Prominvestbank Acting Administration scheduled the plan of Bank financial restructuring.

2009 - On January 15, 2009, after the Bank share capital increase for the amount of UAH 1.1 billion, Vnesheconombank became the owner of a control packet of shares in Prominvestbank (75% + 3 shares). In January 2009 the total authorized capital of the Bank made UAH 1.3 billion. In September 2009 Vnesheconombank transferred USD 500 million for further Bank share capital increase up to UAH 5.3 billion. Thus the share of Vnesheconombank in Prominvestbank authorized capital reached 94% and Prominvestbank reverted among the largest banks in Ukraine. After new shareholder coming crediting starts to recover and customers' recourses increased. Confidence to the Bank on international level began to revert: International Rating Agency Moody's has upgraded ratings of PSC Prominvestbank from Caa2/Caa2/E/B3.ua to B2/B3/E+/A2.ua.

2010 - Prominvestbank continues to stabilize its activities. Considered resources policy has provided a sufficient liquidity level and enabled repayment to the National Bank of Ukraine refinancing for total amount of UAH 7 billion in advance. For further Prominvestbank development Vnesheconombank granted in August a subordinated loan for the amount of USD 300 million for the period of 10 years. Prominvestbank continues to implement new technologies and expand spectrum of clients' services. Credit portfolio is actively revived and the volume of customers' recourses has monthly increase. According to the results of TOP-100 "Business Leaders of Ukraine - 10 years of development" rating - co-project with "Ukrainian Investment Newspaper limited" and agency "Credit-Rating" - Prominvestbank was included to the number of the most important financial institutions for country development.

2011 - The new strategy of retail business development built on the basis of the best world practices of retail-banking and on the principle of "Customer in the spotlight" is declared. In accordance with it for the period of 2011-2013. The Bank should prepare the technical base, organizational structure and processes for the large-scale launch of the updated retail project. In addition, the crediting of the corporate sector volume is increased: In 2011 PSC Prominvestbank issued 4.5 bn UAH to legal entities more credits than a year earlier. In particular, by the aid of this indicator PSC Prominvestbank is recognized as one of the leading players in the market of B2B services for large and largest business in the rating of financial institutions, compiled by Top-100: Business solutions magazine. The main shareholder of PSC Prominvestbank, Vnesheconombank State Corporation, ranked 8th among the most reliable banks of Central and Eastern Europe in the rating of Global Finance magazine.

2012 - In its jubilee year, PSC Prominvestbank was named the second in the rating of reliability of Ukrainian banks, compiled by Standard-Rating rating agency. In addition, the Bank has entered TOP-10 of the most reliable financial organizations in the country (82 banks are represented in this list) in the rating of Expert magazine; in numerous ratings of reliability of banks, made up by profile editions and rating agencies, PSC Prominvestbank stably among the top ten of leaders that is explained by support of the shareholder and active increase in activity figures. The bank still remains one of the leaders of the branch on corporate lending, volumes of operations on Forex, volumes of operations in the sphere of foreign economic activity, continues to develop the updated concept of the retail business. PSC Prominvestbank actively develops socially significant and cultural projects within the framework of corporate social responsibility, formalizes corporate mission and values, introduces new strategy of work with the personnel, based on performance management. The Museum of History of PSC Prominvestbank expands its profile, becoming an exhibition platform for expositions of the leading masters of modern fine art. In October 2012 Prominvestbank PSC entered the TOP-10 rating of reliable banks according to Personal account magazine.

2013 - Vnesheconombank contributed 365 million dollars to the basic capital of PSC Prominvestbank. In the framework of the trilateral agreement between Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Ukraine and PSC Prominvestbank Russian-Ukrainian humanitarian gymnasium was established. Vnesheconombank concluded with PSC Prominvestbank a framework agreement on the general conditions of credit lines opening, defining the general conditions for credit lines opening by Vnesheconombankin with the aim of the supply of Russian industrial products financing (goods, works, services) to Ukraine. The technological infrastructure providing the best quality of customer service and optimizing internal processes is actively and consistently updated: implemented CRM-system on the platform of Oracle solutions for corporate clients service, Oracle Flexcube automated system, introduced a new data center and data warehouse on the basis of Oracle, in the regions IP-telephony is introduced, the unique information complex SAP HR for work with the personnel is put into effect, for accounting and audit of economic activity and internal operations in scales of all divisions of the Bank the ERP program complex is built. The Bank still occupies leading positions in the reliability ratings of financial institutions of Ukraine due to its stable performance indicators on the market and shareholder support. In December 2013, Fitch leading world rating agency awarded PSC Prominvestbank the national long-term investment grade rating AAA(ukr).

2014 - In May 2014, PSC Prominvestbank took 4th position in the rating of ultra-reliable banks in the conditions of political and economic instability according to Personal account magazine. Also, PSC Prominvestbank is named as the systemic important bank of the country according to NBU classification. Year of 2014 became a year of innovations and new developments for Prominvestbank. Thus, for its corporate clients, the bank was first who introduced the integrated module PIB-ONLINE on the basis of 1C, which allowed, without switching from the complex 1C: Enterprise, to conduct and monitor payments. In the same year VIP-Clients Service Centre with special product offer PIB-Perfect was opened.

2015 - Following the results of 2015, Prominvestbank showed progress on the main business indicators: took the 4th position on assets (according to NBU rating), entered the TOP-5 banks according to the results of reliability rating of bank deposits from Ukrainian credit rating agency with the highest possible rating of deposit reliability. The Bank's client base of legal entities and individuals in 2015 amounted to more than half a million clients. The Deposit Guarantee Fund chosen Prominvestbank as one of its agent banks to make payments of guaranteed deposit amounts to investors of insolvent banks that are under liquidation.

2016 - Expert-Rating rating agency assigned the long-term credit rating of PSC Prominvestbank at the level of uaAA according to national Ukrainian scale.

2017 - Expert-Rating rating agency updated the credit rating of PSC Prominvestbank at the level of uaAA+.

2018 - Expert-Rating rating agency updated the credit rating of PSC Prominvestbank at the level of uaAA+.

2019 - Expert-Rating rating agency updated the credit rating of PSC Prominvestbank at the level of uaAA+.

Today Prominvestbank continues to occupy leading positions in the banking sector of Ukraine. He is confidently among the top five financial institutions of the country, provides support to almost a thousand enterprises of mechanical engineering, electricity, food industry, agro-industrial complex, other spheres of economy of Ukraine.