WE ARE 89!

01 September 2011 22:44

One of the largest banks in Ukraine celebrated the 89th anniversary of the first registration of its Charter

According to archival documents, on September 1, 1922 they registered the Charter of Industrial Bank of Ukraine, whereof Prominvestbank later became a successor. Moreover, Prombank of Ukraine started its operations in April 1922, before Prombank of USSR was created.

In the first Charter of the Bank, it was noted that it is a joint stock company allowed to: issue long-term loans for one to three years, term loans for not more than 3 months, discount bills, buy and sell stocks, shares, bonds, - by proxy and at the expense of industrial and commercial enterprises that have commercial value. There were also other operations that might be made by a new financial institution in Ukraine.
How successful its work was can be judged according to witnesses. For example, according to the Chairman of the Supreme Economic Council of URSR L.M. Vlasenko, within record time, Prombank became a real investment center in Ukraine, without which none of the key sectors of the economy could exist. Promotion of industry, transport, agriculture, domestic and foreign trade were the main objectives of the bank. It should be noted that the bank has managed them both in early 30s of the last century, and throughout 89 years of its history with the same success, although the institution has changed its charter, and its name more than once over the years.
Today, our bank has traditionally been the market leader in lending to the real sector of the economy, in loan portfolio quality and level of services provided to clients, while maintaining a reputation of a reliable, trustworthy and reliable partner in Ukraine and abroad.
Background: Joint-Stock Commercial Industrial and Investment Bank (Prominvestbank) was formed in 1992; Prominvesbank is one of the biggest Ukrainian banks. As of today the State Corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)”, Russian Federation, is the biggest shareholder of the Bank.
As of August, 01, 2011, the Bank’s equity capital is UAH 4,579 billion, in assets – UAH 34,488 billion, loan portfolio – UAH 26,659 billion, customers’ funds – UAH 16,835 billion.
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