Prominvestbank ready to award an "electronic" contracts with customers

20 June 2012 13:59

In June, 2012, Prominvestbank's e-banking complex «PIB-ONLINE» added a new service "E-Contract", which allows saving time customers spent on contracts with the bank

"The scheme works by using the "E-Contract" an order of magnitude reduces the time of signing the documents, allowing you to take advantage of electronic document flow and move up the relationship between the customer and the bank into the new level", - says Cash Management Head of Prominvestbank Vladislav Karichkovsky.

A signed by digital signature (EDS) and electronic analogue of the stamp, "E-Contract" of Prominvestbank can replace an ordinary contract. It  should be noted that the document meets all the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On electronic digital signature" and has the same legal effect as an agreement on paper, signed and sealed by a client wet seal.

"E-Contract" will significantly reduce labor and time 
costs spending by customers to visit to the bank and signing the necessary papers.

"So far Prominvestbank offers a new service for registration of contracts in the form of an overdraft loan. But in the short-term plans of the bank - use it to work with other banking products ", - said the director of debt financing Prominvestbank Irina Shalygina.

Use the "E-Contract" all customers will be able to Prominvestbank connected to a range of e-banking "PIB-ONLINE".