Prominvestbank opens an exhibition of works by a renowned sculptor

17 May 2012 14:21

On 17 May, an exhibition of works by Mykola Bilyk, a Merited Artist of Ukraine, a sculptor widely renowned both in Ukraine and abroad, opened at Prominvestbank museum


The opening of exhibition is set to commemorate two significant dates at once: the International Museum Date celebrated on 18 May and the 10th anniversary of foundation of Prominvestbank History Museum.

‘Exhibition of the works of art is also part of our bank’s social policy aimed at creating comfortable conditions for work and leisure of our employees. That’s why this event is not one-of-the-kind but the beginning of a whole series of similar exhibitions at our unique museum,’ First Deputy Chairman of Prominvestbank Management Board Viacheslav Yutkin said.

It is worth reminding that what makes Prominvestbank museum unique is the fact that as of today, it is the only bank museum in Ukraine to have an exhibition telling about the whole era in development of banking business in our country and about historical phases of development of Prominvestbank and its Soviet predecessors: Prombank, Stroibank, and Promstroibank.

‘I see it logical to have another exhibition of my works at Prominvestbank museum, especially since we have a long history of cooperation with the bank,’ Mykola Bilyk says.

According to the renowned sculptor, his famous sculpture The Youth was erected several years ago in the center of Donetsk thanks in particular to help from Prominvestbank.

The sculptures by Mykola Bilyk exhibited in the bank’s museum included such works in bronze, marble, and wood as The Morning of the Universe, The Legend, Under a Cherry Tree, The Victor, and The Kiss.

Prominvestbank museum opening hours: from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. The exhibition will continue till the end of June.