Prominvestbank introduced an unique in Ukraine service-kit for individuals, "PIB: All in one"

01 June 2012 14:04

June 1, 2012, Prominvestbank introduced a new, unparalleled in the Ukrainian market the product - a service-kit for individual clients, "PIB: All in one".

"The launch of the service-kit "PIB: All in one " is the first step in implementing the bank's retail business updated model based on the client-oriented approach. This model is based on a completely new technology platform, which allows continuous support and develop lasting relationships with customers. Using an unique analytical method, the bank is constantly analyzing customers' needs and develop unique financial solutions to meet their current and future needs. The client and his needs determine the proposal, - says Chairman of the Board of Prominvestbank Viktor Bashkirov. - Implementation of the proposed service-kit was made possible and affordable with significant investment in the Bank's development and modernization of technologies, processes, procedures, and also in training. "

Service-kit "PIB: All in One" is actually a single point of access and control all accounts and customer products in the bank. This is a single account for savings, automatic repayment of payments on loans, payroll and enrollment credits, payments for goods and services. Due to the "PIB: All in one" customers can freely transfer money from one account to another, to have access to your accounts at any time and any place through non-stop contact center, with a personal manager, as well as in all branches of Prominvestbank.

The main principle of the service kit "PIB: All in One" is to encourage and reward customers for increased cooperation with the Bank, as well as their ability to determine the amount and cost of services. Promotion is expressed, in particular, in the form of monthly return withheld commissions in the context of each transaction, full and partial discounts on monthly service, improved conditions for deposits, depending on the time, an ever-expanding list of bonuses and services based on the amount of balances in all accounts or to use other products of the Bank. In addition, for customers who receive salary through Prominvestbank, the use of service-kit "PIB: All in one" is free of charge.

"The creation of this service-kit due to the desire to provide our clients with the most relevant banking products and services at the best world standards. We believe that repeat or copy it is not possible, because the basis of "PIB: All in one" are powerful and modern technological and analytical platforms, and innovative customer-oriented model of the retail business", - said the Director of Retail Business Department of Prominvestbank Andrey Karyakin. - This kit provides customers with an opportunity to identify and simulate the conditions of service in Prominvestbank depending on the amount of balances in all of their accounts and use credit products, obtaining discounts from 50% to 100% at a nominal cost of the kit "PIB: All in One" - 
UAH 50 per month. Thus, if the average balance of all its client accounts at the bank is 1 mln., he gets 100% discount on service-kit 5 free transactions of money transfer, 5 free cash withdrawals per month at any ATM world, 3 Free cash withdrawals on hand, a free SMS-banking, etc. If the client maintains a lower balance - from UAH 50 thousand up to UAH 1 mln, discount on monthly service package will be 50%, but it can get even 50% extra discount by using one or more of the bank's loan products, and thus making the kit "PIB: All in One" is absolutely free for themselves. "

One of the advantages of "PIB: All in One" is a combination of current and savings accounts, which enables customers to earn extra income on the balance and thus free to dispose of the money in any place at any time. List of products and services of the kit at the current moment is far from complete and will be greatly expanded by the end of 2012.

Service-kit "PIB: All in one" always leave the customer the right to choose the most appropriate format for its cooperation with the Bank. The advantages of the financial conditions of the kit are: the flexibility of the rates for monthly service, single point of access to all accounts and products, a large number of free transactions, depending on the amount of cooperation and the use of credit products, personalized service through a dedicated account manager, professional support and advice to clients on any difficulty as well as a number of other convenient services make "PIB: All in one" best of the one million banking solutions, and ensures that the value of the kit's benefits is much greater than its nominal value.

Service-kit "PIB: All in One" is available free of charge to customers Prominvestbank since June 1, 2012. The monthly fee will be charged a service from September 1, 2012, based on the amount of balances in all of their clients' accounts as of August 31, 2012, and the availability of other products.


Prominvestbank was founded in 1992. The main shareholder of the bank since 2009 - The State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" (Russia), which owns 98% of the shares.

Prominvestbank is a universal bank, engaged in all major types of banking operations, presented in the financial services market. As of 01.04.2012, the bank's equity capital amounts to 5.13 billion USD., Net assets - UAH 40.46., Customer - 15.454 USD.

In Prominvestbank serves about 2 million individuals. The bank has one of the most extensive networks of branches and ATMs among Ukrainian banks. In 2011 Prominvestbank restarted and develop its retail business, based on international best practice and experience.