Prominvestbank insured "mobile" clients' valuables

25 June 2012 13:56

Prominvestbank has launched insurance program that provides the protection of collected clients' valuables


Prominvestbank, proven reliable partner for companies who use the transportation of cash and valuables, took another step towards improving the quality of its collection services - insure all customers' valuables and cash.

"This is done as a part of a massive program to improve service levels and reliability of our collection services, which is being implemented in Prominvestbank beginning of the year", - said Head of collection and transportation of currency valuables ??of the 
Prominvestbank Operating Department  Alexander Kalashnik.

According to him, insurance coverage of collected valuables ??are now able to provide in Ukraine, no more than 5-10% of banking institutions.

Mr. Alexander Kalashnik  notes that the insurance of clients - not the only advantage of Prominvestbank collection service on the market. Impeccable reputation for service, excellent training, reliable specialized armored vehicles and the latest security system allows the bank to successfully work with clients in all regions of the country.

Recall that in 2012 Prominvestbank introduces the latest electronic security system of collection of funds, allowing armed guards to replace the special case with electronic protection. This system is already operating in the capital and in 11 regions of Ukraine.