Prominvestbank continues developing its retail business

14 September 2012 12:15

Prominvestbank to modernize its retail business abandons unprofitable services to individuals in favor of the most sought-after customers

Commenting on the media the issue of termination of  the money transfers service for individuals via payment systems Contact, Western Union, MoneyGram,  of retail business director PSC Prominvestbank Andrey Karyakin stressed that the Bank's retail business focused in top priority on customer needs which are determine the offer.


"Retail Banking, - said Andrey Karyakin, - is the one of the new strategy business direction of Prominvestbank, as resources, infrastructure and the existing customer base of the big banking institutions, such as PIB, allow you to work in this sector is very effective. The updated concept retail Prominvestbank reset in in 2011, is based on an innovative approach, which is the client and his needs determine theoffer. Prominvestbank persistently analyzes the needs of customers and offers them not as much products as relevant for them financial decisions. For example, only the current year the bank launched a number of new financial solutions: product-kit "PIB: All in one", "Credit card in the mail", package offer "Credit card and Consumer credit", "Credit to pay for payroll projects bank clients. "


In addition to expanding the range of products and services for individual customers, the implementation of the concept of retail business Prominvestbank involves the introduction of highly efficient and low-cost operational processes, powerful and modern analytical and IT-platform, creating a new product line, the upgrade of the existing infrastructure, the development of services, improved quality of service.


The decision to terminate the provision of money transfer services for individuals via payment systems Contact, Western Union, MoneyGram and money transfers in the internal bank system due to their incompatibility key points of the strategy of retail business PIB. "First of all, - said Andrey Karyakin, - such a step is justified by the fact that these services do not meet the current needs of both customers Prominvestbank and priorities of PIB in the segment of individuals. Moreover, this type of service, according to the analysis of indicators, was the least popular among bank customers in comparison with the existing line of the proposed retail products and services".


In spite of the stopping of the money transfers service providing, Prominvestbank continues to actively develop a set of products and services for individuals, but also focuses on their continuous improvement and updating, focusing primarily on the needs of customers.