Press Release on the results of the Prominvestbank's Shareholders Meeting

09 April 2012 15:19

April, 06, 2012, Prominvestbank's Shareholders Meeting has took place

As a result of the Meeting the following decisions:

  •    Approve the 2011 annual report of the Bank (the annual financial statements and annual consolidated financial statements).
  •     Approve the profit for 2011 of UAH 30 million.
  •     According to the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking Activities" todirect  to the reserve fund of the Bank's profit for 2011 of UAH 30 milion, as well as undistributed profits of previous years, amounting to UAH 3.1 million.

In addition, the General Meeting of Shareholders approved the new composition of the Supervisory Board of Prominvestbank and Auditing Committee of the bank.
The new membership of the Supervisory Board of Prominvestbank is:
  • Mr.Fradkov Pyotr Mikhailovich – Member of the Board of Vnesheconombank, CEO of Public Corporation “Export Insurance Agency of Russia”
  • Mr. Vasil’ev Sergey Alexandrovich – Member of the Board, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank
  • Mr.Sapelin Andrey Yurievich - Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank
  • Mr.Minin Vladimir Vladimirovich - Director of Subsidiary Banks Department of Vnesheconombank
  • Mr.Zelenov Aleksandr Viktorovich - Director of Financial Institution Department of Vnesheconombank
  • Mr. Kuznetsov Sergey Vladimirovich – Director of Legal Department of Vnesheconombank
  • Mr. Glaziev Sergey Yuriyevich – Senior Secretary of the Customs Union Commission (Russian Federation)
  • Mr. Dmitriev Kiril Alexandrovich – President of ICON Private Equity investment fund.

The new membership of the Audit Commission Prominvestbank is:
  •     Mr. Bednyi Alexandr Valentinovich - director of construction company "Etoile", a shareholder of the bank;
  •     Mr. Ulupov Vyacheslav Evgenyevich - Director of Vnesheconombank's Internal Control;
  •     Mr. Panteleyev Alexandr Alexandrovich - Deputy Chief of field audits of the Internal Control of Vnesheconombank.
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