Pension Fund of Ukraine continues to work with Prominvestbank

28 December 2010 13:56

Bidding Committee decided to extend the contract of the Pension Fund of Ukraine with Prominvestbank before January 1, 2012.

Considered the conclusions of the National Bank of Ukraine concerning the financial condition and performance over the last six months of economic standards, analyzing the activities of banks in the payment of pensions and benefits,December 7, 2010, Bidding Committee decided to extend the contract of the Pension Fund of Ukrainewith Prominvestbank before January 1, 2012. It gives the right to Prominvestbank in the future to open an accountfor payment of pensions and benefits.
This decision shows confidence in a stable and efficient operation of Prominvestbank, which operates according to the requirements the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking Activity" and ensures that all economic regulations andother requirements stipulated by the normative legal acts of National Bank of Ukraine.
At present Prominvestbank serves around 500,000 retirees, providing them with high interest rates on card accounts of pension - 8 percent per annum.