In 2012 Prominvestbank increased its penalties for the bad debts of private clients in 2.5 times

03 September 2012 13:37

Thanks to large changes, which were made by PIB, this year has significantly improved the efficiency of the problem loans of private clients of the Bank

 The effectiveness of bad loans has improved thanks to massive changes made by the Bank.

"We have combined all of the processes that are directly related to working with bad loans portfolio into a single entity, - said Andrey Golubovich, head of dealing with bad loans. - The Bank attaches great importance to training of the staff and bring to market new, high-class professionals of Collection. Updating the technology base, we have the tools that have not had before".
In the first half Prominvestbank has tested and put into operation a new software system for the administration of arrears - CAS Collections, which automatically categorizes and distributes all cases with overdue debt. The complex provides an opportunity to use a proactive approach to solving the problem of "non-ideal" loans.

Another effective tool to address the issue of customer service bad loans was the introduction mechanism of voluntary sale of pledged and non-pledged assets to resolve the problem of debt.

"Our goal - as differentiated work with people who have bad debts to the bank, for whatever reason, and to create conditions for the effective resolution of the current situation. We are in dialogue with clients in the legal field, clearly realizing that life's realities require adequate methods", - summed up the basic techniques Andrey Golubovich stages Legal collections.

Such measures allow Prominvestbank build work with clients in a spirit of fruitful cooperation, which significantly affect the rating and the level of public confidence in the financial institution. Refuting the myth of "lawlessness" collectors bank flooded the blogs online publications, experts in dealing with bad debts by their actions increase the prestige of the profession, which has become a sign of the times.