Cash collectors of Prominvestbank changed bags on the safe-packages

02 July 2012 13:50

In June, Prominvestbank began its transition to modern cash collection safe-packages that allows make work of cashiers of its corporate clients easier


The next stage of comprehensive modernization of a cash-collection service of  Prominvestbank was the introduction of new tools safety transportation of currency values of the Bank's corporate clients which use the service of cash collection.

"Earlier we used canvas bags for this purpose, but this year we introduce a more modern tools of cash-collection - safe packages. The reliability level is very high, in addition, with a much more convenient to work cashiers of the clients that we serve, "- said Head of cash collection and transportation of currency values of the Operating Department Prominvestbank Alexander Kalashnik.

According to him, in a safe, cashiers packages much easier to pack money than canvas bags.

"Now the process of packing for transportation became easier, faster and, importantly, it is more convenient. In addition, the safe-packets do not cause damage to manicure the hands of cashiers, while the use of canvas bags this happened frequently. This is an important detail, because most cashiers at enterprises are women" - jokingly clarifies Alexander Kalashnik.

Recall that in 2012  Prominvestbank began system upgrade its cash collection services. Were purchased by current high-level protected cash collection transport, all transported cash values of customers were insured. Continues to penetrate the security system is the newest collection of funds, allowing armed guards to replace the special case with electronic protection.