An art exhibition opened at the corporate Museum of Prominvestbank

18 September 2012 12:07

On the 13th of September, 2012, in the Museum of Prominvestbank has opened an exhibition of paintings in the genre of "still life" of talented Kiev artist Evgeniya Kuzmenko

The genre of her works is a "still life", they are made in the technique of oil and pastels, and the exhibition called «Still Life», too. 

In English, “still life” is a static, frozen life. This term, says Evgeniya, is much better to reflect the idea of her exhibition in comparison with the traditional interpretation of the word, using in the post-Soviet art terminology,  "nature morte" - "dead nature."

Composed of alive, natural things - flowers, vegetables and fruits - still life is not dead, it's a moment of life that stopped by the claim of the artist. Things have been remaining static only while the artist works, for handing the overall mood and atmosphere.

In the space of the painting there is no image of man, but his presence is felt: it seems as if he had just left the room, but then, after a minute, come back - and it will be a different composition, it’ll be an another story ...

Paintings which are featuring at the exhibition were  created in the spring and summer. There are also examples of still life of old masters, the appeal of things, the bright colors of spring sun and the green and ocher of the Ukrainian land.
The biography of the young artist has five solo exhibitions in public institutions and museum galleries, as well as participation in collective exhibitions. Evgeniya works occupy a worthy place in the Foundation of the Kamenetz-Podolsky Art Gallery, State Historical Museum, and are in private collections of art lovers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad - in Hungary, Malaysia, Poland and Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that the holding of exhibitions of contemporary artists and sculptors - a new trend in the corporate museum of Prominvestbank, which aims to create favorable conditions for the staff recreation.
Touch the magical beauty of painting Evgeniya Kuzmenko, lost in the world «Still Life», can be in the corporate Museum of  Prominvestbank at Sofiivska Street, 9.
If you would like to visit Prominvestbank Museum, please, call: 364-67-77, int.: 96-06, Fadeieva Elena, head of art projects