Tips to clients of PJSC Prominvestbank travelling abroad

Tip No.1

Safely pay your purchases with payment cards of PJSC Prominvestbank.
 You can pay for purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world by payment cards of PJSC Prominvestbank! Please note that when paying by payment card in retail networks, the commission for cash withdrawal will be charged. It is not necessary to buy currency and take it with you.

Tip No.2

Pay for purchases in the currency of country of your location.
In some stores abroad you may be asked what currency you want to make a payment. Always select the currency of the host country. If you have a card in UAH, and the price of goods in EUR, pay for your purchase in EUR. With your payment card an equivalent amount will be written off in UAH at the rate of PJSC Prominvestbank without any commissions!
If you pay in UAH, foreign Bank terminal which ATM is installed in the store, exchange UAH to EUR at its exchange rate which is always much higher than in PJSC Prominvestbank.

Tip No.3

Notify your Bank about your departure abroad.
To ensure the safe use of payment cards, PJSC Prominvestbank constantly conducts comprehensive measures to minimize the risk of fraud, including twenty four hours monitoring of transactions on the cards.
If you encounter a suspicious payment cards (e.g., removal of large amounts or frequent operations abroad), the Bank, if not prevented, can block your card.
In order to avoid possible inconveniences during the stay abroad, we encourage you to notify us in advance about the planned periods of stay outside Ukraine.
This can be done by calling to Contact center of PJSC Prominvestbank by phone: (044) 279 51 61 (for calls from Kyiv) or 0 800 21 51 61 (stationary calls on the territory of Ukraine are free of charge).