Phone phishing

Dear Customers!

We draw your attention to the recorded cases of telephone fraud - telephone phishing.
Phone phishing is a type of phone fraud that, when using certain manipulations, forces the Customers to disclose their confidential data (including logins, passwords), bank payment cards and current accounts data, PIN codes of their payment cards, as well as transfer funds to third-party banking or mobile accounts.

The fraudulent scheme recorded in Ukraine is that the cardholder is persuaded to transfer funds from his current account to prearranged current accounts of fraudsters or to pay for their mobile services. Fraudsters can introduce themselves as employees of banks, service companies or lottery operators. Their arguments in their broad arsenal are also different, but the objective is to:

  • Directly lure one’s money.
  • Get access to manage one’s current account.

The payment card details, which fraudsters most often try to enquire:

  • The payment card number.
  • Expiration date of the payment card.
  • CVV2 / CVC2 code (it is used as a confirmation code for making purchases without the actual presence of a payment card on the Internet or by telephone).
  • PIN-code.
  • Name and surname of the Customer, printed on the payment card.

Besides, another type of such fraud is sending out SMS messages to customers, which contain fictitious problems with your payment card (i.e. blocking the payment card, stealing the payment card data, etc.) and a phone number for urgent communication to resolve the described problem.

Our recommendations and protective methods against this type of fraud are as follows:

  • The Bank representatives have all the necessary information regarding your payment card and they never request payment card details by phone or on the Internet.
  • You should NEVER report your PIN-ode or CVV2 / CVC2 code to ANYBODY, even to the Bank officials.
  • Do not use the phone numbers sent to you by SMS-messaging to communicate with representatives of the Bank. The ONLY correct phone number is printed on the back of your payment card. For all questions, please contact exactly this number.
  • A representative of the Bank has information only on the payment cards issued by this Bank and will never require the use of payment cards of other banks to transfer funds to them.
  • Transfer of funds to customers’ current accounts occurs without any action from their holders, especially speaking of actions related to the use of an ATM / self-service payment terminal.
  • Please, evaluate independently any of your actions when using ATMs / payment terminals, not trusting blindly advice from outsiders.
  • A representative of the Bank can only recommend taking certain actions to the payment card holder to choose from, however, not encouraging him to take any specific actions with the payment card; moreover, one does not have the right to direct such actions on one’s own initiative.
  • If you received a phone call from somebody introducing himself a representative of the Bank, and the information provided to you or requested from you by telephone is doubtful, be sure to call back the telephone number printed on the back of your payment card to confirm this information.
  • An official SMS from the Bank MUST contain the last 4 digits of the number of your payment card on which the problem was discovered.

We encourage you to be sure to communicate this information to other cardholders in order to avoid similar incidents!


Fraud Monitoring
PSC “Prominvestbank”
phone: +38 (044) 364-65-64


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