Transfer of funds through the Bank’s ATMs

The holders of international payment cards issued by the Bank have the opportunity to transfer funds from their current accounts using a payment card to other own current accounts using a payment card or to current accounts of other cardholders using a payment card by means of ATMs of PSC “Prominvestbank”.

This service allows you to quickly transfer funds to your relatives and beloved, colleagues and friends who may be located in any point of the world, or transfer funds between your own payment cards. In this case, the recipient does not need to do anything: the funds will be automatically credited to the one’s current account.

This service is available for all payment cards of international payment systems (except for the corporate ones). The transfer of funds using ATMs is carried out exclusively between the current accounts opened in UAH, using a payment card.

The information about the commission for this transaction appears on the ATM screen.

The transfer of funds using an ATM has a set limitation on the amount of transfer: not exceeding 50,000 UAH for a transfer operation.

To perform a transfer operation using ATMs of PSC “Prominvestbank”, the cardholder should use a payment card from which the funds will be transferred: one must insert the payment card to the ATM of PSC “Prominvestbank”, enter the PIN code, select the operation “Transfer funds” in the ATM screen menu, then enter the number of the payment card, to which the funds will be transferred, and enter the amount of the money transfer.