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Active Package (download PDF).
Profitable Package (download PDF).
Salary+ Package (download PDF).
Salary Package (download PDF).
Personal Package (download PDF).
Package Virtuon (download PDF).
Package Pensions (download PDF).
Perfect Package (download PDF).
Neftek Package (download PDF).
Sea card (download PDF).
Tariffs for settlement and cash services (download PDF).
Tariffs for operations in distance service.


Documents required for opening the services package

General conditions of provision of banking, financial and other services

The rules for settlements using payment cards of international payment systems and use of payment cards, which will come into effect from 7 January 2018.


Terms and conditions of service.


The payment cards safety:

Complementary services:

For travelers:

Advice to Bank customers traveling abroad.

Types of payment cards:

The types of payment cards offered by PJSC Prominvestbank.

Benefits of premium cards: