Cards with chip and PayPass technology

Individual cards of PJSC "Prominvestbank" with chip and PayPass technology VISA Classic Debit (ship) or VISA Platinum (ship).


1. The chip built into the card provides a higher level of security, during the transaction unique data is transmitted, which can not be reused by fraudsters. Chipping the card cannot be forged.

2. When you insert the card into the terminal, the chip contacts the terminal to verify the authenticity of the card. Typically, the terminal will ask you to enter a PIN to confirm your identity as a cardholder, which increases the security of payments with your card.

3. PayPass technology is one of the most secure types of payments. You do not need to transfer the card to the cashier to make payments using this technology, so no one will be able to use your card data for their own purposes. To pay in excess of UAH 100.00, you must enter a PIN code. All these factors guarantee the security of contactless payment.

4. Protection against re-transaction. After the operation, the terminal automatically shuts down. Therefore, even if the user accidentally attached the card a second time, double payment is excluded.

5. Pay by card with contactless payment technology - much faster than cash or regular card - only 2-3 seconds.

6. Contactless VISA payment technology can be used in terminals throughout Ukraine.

Look for a contactless symbol or logo for contactless payment at the checkout or terminal. If you find yourself in a place where contactless payments are not accepted, you can always pay with a chip.