Premium cardі with chip and PayPass technology

Premium cards from PSC “Prominvestbank”


  • 1. The card built-in chip provides a higher security level, making fraud impossible during a transaction when unique data is transferred and cannot be reused. A chipped card cannot be faked.
  • 2. When the card is inserted in the bank terminal (ATM), the chip is communicating with the terminal to ensure the authenticity of the card. As a rule, the ATM suggests you then to enter your PIN-code to confirm your cardholder identity, that is increasing the security level for payment transactions with your card.
  • 3. The PayPass technology is one of the most secure types of payment. Using this technology, when paying for goods or services, you do not need to give your card to the cashier; thus, no one can use your card information for their own purposes.
  • 4. Protection against re-occurring transactions. After the transaction the terminal switches off automatically. Thus, duplicated payments are excluded even when the card accidentally contacts the terminal for a second time.
  • 5. Transactions by a card with contactless MasterCard payment technology process much faster than in cash or by a regular payment card: it takes only about 2-3 seconds.


Look for a contactless payment symbol or MasterCard logo at a cashier desk or terminal. If you are somewhere with unavailable contactless payments, you can always pay with the help of your card chip.