Credit/credit line

PSC “Prominvestbank” provides business entities with credits:

  • In the national or foreign currency.
  • In non-cash form (in cash - for settlements with suppliers of agricultural production).
  • For the current business activities (purchase of raw and other materials, fuel, other production costs) and investment activities (construction and reconstruction, technical re-equipment and expansion of production facilities, purchase of buildings, structures, equipment, transport vehicles, setting up new product lines, etc).
  • On a one-off basis, in accordance with an open credit line, in the overdraft form.
    The amount and term of the credit depends on the specifics of the credit project. Short-term loans (for up to one year term) are provided primarily for the formation of working capital of business entities. Long-term ones (for over one year), for restoration, expansion and creation of fixed assets.

What can be taken as a security for a credit/loan:

  • Property rights for funds under a bank deposit contract.
  • Property (such as real estate, vehicles, goods in circulation and processing, securities etc.), property rights. The pledger can be either the borrower himself or a third party (property surety provider).
  • A surety or guarantee of a third party.
  • Insurance (as an additional security).
    The property that is put as collateral for a loan to the Bank must be assessed by an independent expert and insured by the insurance company with which the Bank has an effective General Agreement on the provision of insurance services.