Settlement of troubled indebtedness

Circumstances do not cancel obligations!
In "Dictionary of Modern Economics" (authors: B. A. Raizberg, L. S. Lozovskyi, E. B. Starodubtseva) debt is defined as "the amount of money borrowed for a period on certain conditions subject to return".

Troubled indebtedness collection:

How to pay the debt:

Contacts of overdue debts department and feedback 

Credit debt is the amount of debt owed to financial institutions by legal or physical persons as a result of economic, civil and legal relations between them.

In the current business environment in Ukraine, the question of debt recovery arises, sooner or later for the majority of financial organizations regardless of their business scale.

As of today, the situation in the sphere of debt loss is very acute: many clients for various reasons do not fulfill their obligations to creditors, they do not pay according to the contract, surrender credits.
For clients who have not timely fulfilled their obligations to pay for a loan, the Bank's goal is to help find an optimal and civilized exit strategy and avoid negative consequences arising from default of credit.

The principles of work of overdue debts department:

  • Fair-mindedness: we stand for honest fulfillment of obligations by all parties of the deed.
  • Legality: we strictly adhere to all regulations of Ukrainian legislation.
  • Innovativeness: maximum automation of business processes, constant search and introduction of new technologies that increase the efficiency of work with clients with overdue liabilities.
  • Professionalism: high standards of business communication, and modern methods of negotiation, customized software, continuous professional development of staff – everything in order to hold the bar high.
  • Confidentiality: unauthorized disclosure of information about clients of the Bank, debtors or other parties of the cooperation are excluded.

Quotes by famous people about the debt:

  • Firstly think whether it is true and possible to do for your promise is a debt. (Confucius)
  • Debt is a bottomless sea. (Thomas  Carlyle)
  • The debt is do what you do not want, and do not do what you want. (T. Kempis)

The duty of helping one's self in the highest sense involves the helping of one's neighbors. (S. Smiles)