Correspondent Relations

Prominvestbank has traditionally given great importance to the development and optimization of its correspondent network, establishing correspondent relationships with first-class foreign and Ukrainian banks. This results in consistently high quality of financial products and services offered to Prominvestbank customers. 
The Bank has an extensive correspondent network covering the world's major financial centers, which fully meets the needs of the bank and its customers. The bank makes payments in the world's major settlement currencies making it as soon as possible. The key to success of these operations is efficiency, good relations in the sphere of international settlements with leading foreign banks, systematic development of cooperation and correspondent network optimization, high qualification and experience of staff. 
List of main correspondent banks of Prominvestbank PJSC on Nostro accounts is given below. In addition, Prominvestbank PJSC offers services on opening Loro correspondent accounts in UAH and in foreign currencies. 
For any matters of correspondent relations and opening of correspondent accounts, please contact Financial Institutions Relations Department by phone: 
 (+380 44) 364-6567
 (+380 44) 364-6505

List of correspondant banks