Civil Code of Ukraine:
Article 526. An obligation must be properly fulfilled in accordance with agreement terms and conditions and requirements of the Civil Code of Ukraine and other acts of civil law or, if no such terms and conditions and requirements apply, in accordance with normal business practices or other requirements that usually apply.
Article 549. Penalty (late fee) means amount of money or other property which a debtor is obliged to transfer to creditor for being in breach of his obligation.
Article 625. A debtor liability cannot be waived for not being able to fulfill his monetary obligation.
A debtor whose obligations became past due must, on creditor’s demand, pay the debt amount adjusted by the inflation index applicable to the entire past due period plus interest of three percent per annum on the past due amount, unless a different interest rate is provided by an agreement or law.
Article 1048. A lender has the right to receive payment of loan interest from a borrower, unless otherwise provided by an agreement or law. The interest amount and payment procedure is to be stipulated in an agreement. If an agreement does not stipulate loan interest rate, the rate shall be set at the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. If no other arrangement was made between the parties, loan interest shall be payable every month until a loan is repaid.
Article 1049. A borrower is obliged to repay loan to the lender (funds in the same amount or items that have generic features in the same quantity and of the same kind and quality as provided by lender) by the due date and according to the procedure stipulated in an agreement.
Article 1050. If a borrower has failed to repay a loan by the due date, he must pay the amount of money required per Article 625 of this Code.
…If an agreement stipulates a borrower’s obligation to repay a loan in installments, if a scheduled installment payment becomes past due the lender shall have the right to demand early repayment of the outstanding loan amount and payment of applicable interest…
Article 1052. If a borrower fails to fulfill his obligation to secure loan repayment stipulated in a loan agreement, or if loan security was lost or its conditions have worsened due to circumstances for which the lender cannot bear responsibility, the lender has the right to demand early repayment of loan and payment of applicable interest due to him under Article 1048 of this Code, unless otherwise stipulated in an agreement.
Criminal Code of Ukraine:
Article 192. Infliction of a substantial material damage by deceit or abuse of trust without the presence of elements of fraud is punishable by a penalty in the amount of up to fifty times the amount of gross minimum individual income, or by performing community service for up to two hundred and forty hours, or by correctional work for a period of up to two years, or by arrest for a period of up to six months.
Article 222. Provision of deliberately false information to bodies of public administration, public authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimes, bodies of local self-governance, banks or other creditors for the purpose of receiving subsides, subventions, loans or tax breaks without the presence of elements of crime against property is punishable by a penalty in the amount between one thousand and three thousand times the amount of gross minimum individual income and deprivation of the right to hold certain offices or engage in certain activities for a period of up to three years.
Law of Ukraine On Banks and the Banking:
Article 61. …. A bank has the right to provide information containing banking secrets to private individuals and organizations to ensure performance of their functions or to provide services to the bank under agreements between these individuals (organizations) and the bank, including agreements on transfer of the right of claim against customer, under condition that the functions and/or services stipulated in an agreement concern the bank’s operations conducted in accordance with Article 47 of this Law.
Law of Ukraine On the Protection of Consumer Rights:
Article 11. Under a consumer loan agreement between a lender and a consumer, the lender does or promises to provide funds (consumer loan) to the consumer to finance purchase of goods in the amount and on the terms and conditions stipulated in an agreement, and the consumer agrees to repay the loan and pay the applicable interest…
Article 11. …The state enforcer carrying out enforcement proceedings has the right… if the debtor refuses to fulfill his obligations under a resolution, to seek a court warrant setting temporary restrictions on the right of an individual debtor or CEO of a corporate debtor to travel outside Ukraine until obligation under a resolution is fulfilled.
Article 57. Arrest of a debtor’s property is applied to secure actual enforcement of a resolution.
…The state enforcer may issue a resolution to place arrest on the debtor’s entire property or particular items in the amount of collected debt that also includes enforcement fee, enforcement costs and penalties charged by the state enforcer…