Details for payment through payment terminals IBox

From 01 October 2013 PJSC Prominvestbank provides opportunities to the Bank clients to repay the loan, top up debit accounts via IBOX terminals*. For repayment through IBOX the Bank's clients shall do the following:

  • To select the menu item "Banks".
  • To find on the screen "Prominvestbank".
  • Choose the operation type "Repayment of loan"/"Recharge".
  • To enter the current account number 2625 xxxx xxxx xxxx**.
  • To deposit cash (by one bill) to the receiver for the cash "Cash In".
  • Take the receipt confirming the transaction.

*Information about the location of IBOX terminals you can find on the site
(ATTENTION: this service is currently unavailable in the Donetsk region and the Crimea).

 ** You can get the number of your current account at the Contact center of PJSC Prominvestbank by phone numbers:

  • +38 (044) 279-51-61 (for calls from Kyiv).
  • 0-800-21-51-61 (Toll-free from Landline in Ukraine).

 To repay a personal loan, you need to specify the number of the relevant current account (debit); in case of his absence need to open it in the branch of PJSC Prominvestbank.

To repay the credit card number it is necessary to specify current account (debit) and in case of its absence – current account number of a credit card.

To repay an overdraft loan, you need to specify the number of the current account on which a credit limit overdraft is opened.