Acceptance of cash payments in favor of legal entities

Acceptance of cash payments in favor of legal entities

If your business is connected with the reception of cash from private persons or acting on behalf of a legal entity of individuals, a complex of banking services from PJSC Prominvestbank "Cash acceptance Payments in favor of legal entities" will help to simplify and make a calculation more economical procedure.

Having concluded a payment acceptance agreement with PJSC Prominvestbank, you considerably simplify the procedure of receiving payments in the national currency in favor of your company.


  • Saving money for collection and maintenance of cash.
  • Improvement of service quality of senders, since after conclusion of the agreement, the requisites of the recipient are entered into the bank system, which significantly accelerates the process of payments.
  • Possibility on the basis of one agreement to accept payments in all branches of the bank (all over the territory of Ukraine).
  • Using of the service "Structured payment purpose", which is a special format of information about the payer, payment and its purpose, as well as other parameters that are established in accordance with the needs of the Client and technical capabilities of the Bank.
  • Having signed the agreement on acceptance of payments, you can be sure, that all funds intended to your enterprise will reach the addressee as your details are immediately entered into the program complex of the Bank, and thus the possibility of sending the payment by incorrect details is completely excluded.

Commission fee

Using the bank product "Acceptance of payments in favor of legal entities", you can choose the most optimal way for you to pay the fee for receiving payments:

  • The recipient company:
    • The commission shall be paid by withholding it by the Bank from the payment amount addressed to the transfer.
    • The Commission is paid monthly by contractual write-off by the branch where the current account of the corporate client is opened (within the first five working days of the month following the reporting period).
  • Private Person:
    • The commission is paid during payment, separately from the amount of payment.

PJSC Prominvestbank guarantees the completeness and timeliness of transfers of accepted payments to your account.

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