Current Account and Cash Transactions

PJSC Prominvestbank opens you current accounts, taking into account:

  • Legal status of your company (resident/non-resident, representative office, investor).
  • Your structure and location (you have the opportunity to open current accounts all over Ukraine thanks to the branching network of the Bank branches).
  • The need to open current accounts in different currencies (you can open current account in both national currency and in US dollars, Euro, Russian rubles and other foreign currencies).
  • Your individual requirements to the algorithms of crediting and debiting of funds.
  • Your requirements for speed and quality of service.
  • The need to obtain additional income from the balances on the current account. You can open a current account with PJSC Prominvestbank by contacting the nearest branch of the bank.

Operations for the current account maintenance:

  • Payments in national currency.
  • Payments in foreign currencies.
  • Management of interest rates on current accounts (Liquidity management).
  • Business packages for corporate clients.
  • Complex of electronic banking PIB-Online.
  • By connecting to the PIB-Online complex, you can manage your current accounts in real time mode from anywhere in the world.
  • Cash transactions and collection.

Corporate Payment Cards:

  • The use of a corporate payment card greatly simplifies the receipt of cash for calculations related to your production needs.

Additional Information: