Payment Control Center

Additional service of the PIB-Online e-banking complex named “Payment Control Center” will be convenient and useful for large enterprises with geographically remote divisions, branches or subsidiaries, for operational control and simultaneous financial transactions between their units.

The main advantages of the “Payment Control Center” service:

  • Centralized control on cash flows.
  • User’s simultaneous work with documents and references of several facilities.
  • Centralized control and confirmation of initial payments of one’s own structural divisions.
  • No need to "switch" between facilities  and change the EDS keys.
  • Obtaining detailed information on the budget implementation and any attempts to exceed the limits.
  • A real time access to information on the balance of the limits.
  • Possibility of selective endorsing documents for several facilities.
  • Receiving consolidated reporting on current accounts of several facilities.
  • A possibility to compile additional management reports.
  • Convenience in operation and minimization of errors: a payment can only be attributed to an active cost item, which is selected from the reference directory.
  • A high tempo of servicing.
  • Saving time, material and human resources.

Corporate Control:

It provides confirmation of the initial payments of subsidiaries. This service allows the parent organization to control the withdrawal of funds from the current accounts of its structural units. It is a complex of management performing directly from the office of a client’s enterprise by means of payment orders from structural subdivisions or the holding companies in order to make decisions or control the expediency, timeliness and accordance of initial payments with the corporate rules of the enterprise.

Consolidated Statement:

A set of statements received in the office of the client’s enterprise on the funds movement for each of the accounts of the company’s structural subdivisions or the holding. The statement is provided to the Client in electronic form; it can be viewed, printed out, exported to the Client’s software package for further data processing and compiling the reports necessary for the Client.

Corporate Budgeting:

It allows central organizations of the holding to perform a centralized control over the implementation of the corporate budget by their subsidiaries. This additional service provides the holding management with the possibility to introduce a strict financial discipline in the execution of the cost part of the corporate budget at every level of the holding. Using the “Corporate Budgeting” service allows you to do the following:

  • Receiving reports in the context of budget items.
  • A real time management of limits and budgets.
  • A classification of a payment order in accordance with a given budget.

The “Corporate Budgeting” allows you taking into account not only the costs of payment orders, but also operations performed to bypass the system.