If your business is connected with regular cash flow, and you want to reliably ensure their integrity during transportation to the Bank, saving your time and time of your employees, and also want to be able to use your funds as quickly as possible, entrust the delivery of your valuables to us.

Safe and convenient transfer of your funds guarantee:

  • Experienced and highly qualified staff of professional collectors and collectors-drivers.
  • Own fleet of special armoured vehicles, designed to protect the collectors and safe transportation of funds and currency values.
  • Modern professional technical equipment, provided to the collection teams.
  • Monitoring the movement of collection cars carrying your valuables in real time using a GPS satellite system.

 Fast and convenient cash processing:

  • Recounting offices are equipped with a digital video surveillance system, thanks to which the Client can see the video of the cash recalculation procedure with own eyes.
  • Recounting offices are provided with ultramodern software and hardware complex "Auto cash", capable to provide full automation of processes of cash processing that allows to carry out recalculation and crediting collected funds to Clients' accounts as quickly as possible.

Favourable tariff proposals:

  • Individual approach to each trade and service company taking into account the peculiarities of service and needs of the Client.
  • Collection of proceeds through the cash desk of PJSC Prominvestbank from 1000 UAH.
  • If you use new "product" business packages, it is guaranteed to receive from PJSC Prominvestbank a qualitative basic service set (10 key services of the Bank), as well as significant discounts on cash collection services, acting on the whole territory of Ukraine.

Other advantages of our services:

  • We develop the most comfortable for the Client collection schedule and strictly adhere to it.
  • Our cars always arrive on time, adherence to the schedule does not depend on the quantity of orders.
  • We offer one agreement for trading networks of one client manager valid on the whole territory of Ukraine.
  • We provide free of charge special bags for transportation of funds and valuables, and also install necessary software for preparation of accompanying documents on free of charge basis.
  • We enter the client's funds to the current account as quickly as possible.
  • We process, recalculate and package cash according to NBU regulations.
  • We bear full financial responsibility before the Client for the preservation of his funds and valuables.
  • PJSC Prominvestbank is one of the largest banks in Ukraine, which has been providing its clients with quality and reliable services for collection of funds on the whole territory of Ukraine for more than thirteen years.

Conditions of collection of proceedings in cash, duties and responsibilities of the parties and terms of provision of collection services are determined by the agreement in full accordance with the general conditions of customer service accepted in PJSC Prominvestbank.

Specialists of the Principal Directorate of Collection and transportation of currency values are always ready to provide qualified consultations on the issues of cooperation and partnership by phone:
+ 38 (044) 279-51-61 (for calls from Kyiv).
0-800-21-51-61 (Toll-free from Landline in Ukraine)