Deposit Guarantee Fund

 PSC Prominvestbank is a participant of Deposit Guarantee Fund (the certificate of the participant of the Fund No. 116 as of 02 September 1999).


Since 1999 PSC Prominvestbank has been contributing regular contributions to the Fund, amount of which is established by the current legislation of Ukraine.


Information for depositors about Deposit Guarantee System.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund was created pursuant to the Decree of the President of Ukraine as of 10 September 1998 No. 996/98. The Fund is a state specialized institution and performs the functions of state administration in the sphere of deposit guarantee.

The Fund operates on the principles established by the Law of Ukraine as of 23 February 2012 No. 4452-VI "On Deposit Guarantee System" (format: PDF). See the website of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.  Depositors rights.

The Fund guarantees to each depositor of the bank-participant of the Fund reimbursement of funds on deposits, including interest, as of the day of commencement of the bank's withdrawal from the market, but no more than the amount of the limit of reimbursement. 200 000 UAH is the maximum amount of reimbursement, regardless of the number of accounts in one bank. Deposits up to 10 UAH are not reimbursed. Decision on the amount of reimbursement (format: PDF) is accepted by the Administrative Board of the Fund and published on the official website of the Fund.

The Fund guarantees deposits of individuals in the banks of Ukraine, which are participants of the Fund. Annually the Fund publishes in the official mass media the register of participating banks of the Fund.

Terms of guarantee of deposits of natural persons are given in the appendix to the Order on realization by the Fund of guarantee of deposits of individuals of protection of rights and protected interests of investors – the certificate on the system of guarantee of deposits of natural persons (format: PDF).

Excerpts from the general Conditions of service in PJSC Prominvestbank


 Toll-free telephone hotline in the Deposit Guarantee Fund, number:


044-333-36-55 (according to the tariffs of the operator)
By these phones you can get full and complete replies about the guarantee of your deposits in the participating banks (temporary participants) of the Fund.

More detailed information about the Deposit Guarantee System in Ukraine can be obtained by contacting the Fund:

  • To the address: 04053, Kyiv city, Sichovykh Striltsiv str., 17.
  • Hot line: 0-800-308-108, 044-333-36-55
  • To the e-mail address:
  • On the official web site:

You can find the information booklets "Private Deposits Guarantee" and "Questions and Answers about Private Deposits Guarantee" and video materials on the website of the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the subsection "Information booklets" of section "For depositors" by link.

Links to the informational videos on YouTube channel of the Deposit Guarantee Fund:
1. "Ruslana about savings" How to store safely your money.
2. "Your deposits in the bank are protected."
3. "Pensions, salaries, scholarships in the bank are protected."
4. "Your money in the bank under the protection of the Fund."

Information videos of the Fund can be viewed on the official Yotube-channel of the Deposit Guarantee Fund by the link.

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