Business tariff package «Master»

Package for business enterprises working in the field of export and import operations.

For companies focused on the international market, there are specifically provided favorable rates for transactions on purchase and sale of currency and carrying out currency payments.

Along with the basic services (electronic banking, current accounts in four different currencies, corporate payment cards, free payments in UAH, etc.), the «Master» business package creates optimal conditions for carrying out foreign trade operations.

Opportunities offered by the «Master» business package:

  • Opening up to 4 current accounts (one current account per one currency).
  • Accrual of interest on the current account in the national currency.
  • Issue and servicing of 3 corporate payment cards.
  • Connection to and maintenance of the PIB-Online e-banking complex.
  • Connection to and maintenance of PIB-Online service «M@il-SMS» (automatic information messaging via e-mail channels (free of charge) or by sending SMS messages to a mobile phone).
  • Connection to and maintenance of the “Deposit-Online” service (allows you to remotely place deposits via the PIB-Online e-banking complex).
  • Free payments in UAH within the Bank’s system (via the PIB-Online complex).
  • 150 free payments in UAH to other banks (via the PIB-Online complex).
  • Discount on foreign currency purchase and sale services.
  • Discount on currency payments.

Additional information: