Promissory Notes

PSC “Prominvestbank” performs all types of operations with bills of exchange as stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine

  • Credit operations (accounting, borrowing against bill pledging).
  • Guarantee operations (avalization, provision of guarantees for bills of exchange payment).
  • Acquisition of bills of exchange to the bank’s portfolio “for sale”, “for redemption”, trading portfolio.
  • Commission operations (domiciliation, encashment, storage, purchase and sale of bills of exchange, performing the clearing house functions on submission of bills of exchange for payment, etc.)
  • Settlement operations with bills of exchange.
  • Sale of bill forms.

The Bank takes active measures to provide its customers with a full range of services regarding operations with bills of exchange. The Bank dynamically responds to changes in the legislative area, actualizing its offers.

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For more detailed information on operations with bills of exchange, please contact the Department of Debt Financing of PSC “Prominvestbank”: