Financing of investment imports at the expense of credit resources of foreign banks

PSC “Prominvestbank” offers its clients to financially organize their external trade operations by means of attracting funds from foreign banks.

Preliminary conditions for receipt of financial provision:

  • Availability of an external economic contract that meets the requirements for the amount and the origin of the goods. The conclusion of a credit agreement between PSC “Prominvestbank” and a foreign bank.
  • The exporter’s receipt of the advance payment in the amount of 15% of the contract value (at the expense of the importer's own funds or a bank credit; in exceptional cases, given a loan from a foreign bank).
  • The receipt of credit insurance coverage by the export credit agency (ECA) and the payment of insurance premium (at the expense of the importer's own funds, a bank credit or a loan from a foreign bank).
  • The issue of an irrevocable letter of credit.


Characteristics of contract
The exporter of equipment from most countries in Western and Eastern Europe and other countries providing ECA-covered export credits.
Ukrainian business enterprise.
Origin of goods, equipment, works, services
The share of equipment, works, services that were produced in the Seller’s (creditor’s) country-exporter should not be less than 60-85%, depending from the country.
Payment conditions
No less than 15% of the contract value is paid in advance (advance payment).
No more than 85% of the contract value is paid at the expense of the credit provided to PSC “Prominvestbank” by the foreign creditor bank.


The Credit characteristics:
Ukrainian business enterprise.
PSC “Prominvestbank”.
Loan terms and schedule of repayment
Up to 5-7 years. Loan repayment is made with equal semi-annual payments.
Credit arrangement  
The loan samples are made by foreign bank payments directly to the exporter under the irrevocable letter of credit issued in favor of the exporter; payment of the amount of supply / supplies under the contract in exchange for the provision of documents that meet the conditions of the letter of credit.
Security for credit
The Borrower provides a loan security that is acceptable for PSC “Prominvestbank”.
Expenses, which are related to the attraction and servicing of a foreign bank’s loan
The interest rate can be floating (LIBOR/EURIBOR + margin) or fixed. A foreign bank margin is determined separately for each credit.
Management fee: a certain % of the credit amount is paid one-time, normally within 30 days upon the conclusion of the credit agreement.
Commitment fee: a certain % per annum of the credit amount, is paid periodically on the basis of a credit agreement concluded with a foreign creditor bank; it is accrued on the unselected part of the loan starting from the date of signing the credit agreement.
Insurance payments in favor of ECA: payments are made by the borrower, though can be included in the loan amount (must be agreed upon by the exporter and importer). These fees usually depend on the amount and period of the credit repayment, as well as on the delivery time of the goods supply.
Commission for PSC “Prominvestbank”
A commission is defined depending on the conditions of each credit agreement.
Additional fees apply in case of an issue and servicing of the letter of credit.

For more information details on financing investment import, please contact the Department of International Economic Activity of PSC “Prominvestbank” via the phones:

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