Documents required for drawing up

To receive a credit from PSC “Prominvestbank”, the borrower must submit the following documents:

  • A Client’s request; the owner’s application for a loan.
  • The application form for a credit.
  • Transcripts from servicing banks on the current account cash flow and any credit debt.
  • Copies of constituent documents of the company, documents regulating the authority of the head of the company to sign contracts and to dispose of the company’s property, all certified by a notary.
  • Documents which confirm the ownership for the property that is offered to the Bank as collateral.
  • Extracts from the statutory documents of the guarantors or pledgeors confirming the right of the respective persons to enter into collateral agreements within the limits relating to the amount of their guarantee or pledge (if a guarantee or pledge is offered to secure the credit).
  • The Business-plan, a techno-economical feasibility (if available).
  • Copies of the primary contracts for the activities of the borrower, as well as the agreements that form the basis of the credit project.
  • Data on the condition and value of the property that is offered to the Bank as collateral.
  • The list of collateral being offered.

The property evaluation for collateral purposes is conducted by the Bank’s estimators or the subjects of valuation activity accredited to the Bank. The method for evaluation of the proposed collateral is determined by the Bank depending on the type of property, its location, and the credit financing terms, which are accepted by the Bank for the acquisition of new property, taking into account the purchase at the expense of the credit funds. The possibility of accepting the property as collateral is determined given the data of the initial inspection of the property, and taking into account the chosen method of evaluation.
Financial documents on the borrower (as well as on the guarantor, in case a guarantee is expected), include the following:

  • Financial statements for the last 2 completed fiscal years and for the last reporting period (on a quarterly basis), as follows: for annual reporting – a balance sheet, a statement of financial performance, a statement of cash flows, a report on changes in owner’s equity, notes to annual statements; for quarterly reporting – a balance sheet, a statement on financial performance.
  • Interpretations to the reported statements in accordance to the form established by the Bank.
  • The forecast Cash Flow of the borrower for the period of cooperation with the Bank and the Forecast Report on the financial performance of the borrower.
  • Financial documents for a group of related companies, GRC (in case the borrower is a member of a GRC).

Additional documents on the borrower, depending on the type of credit and field of activity:

For agricultural producers:

  • The BP on a credit for agricultural producers.
  • A summary on crop yields in their area for the last 3 years.
  • An information sheet “The main economic indicators of performance by agricultural enterprises”.
  • An information sheet “The results of crop harvesting for agricultural species, fruits, berries and grapes”.

For real estate developers:

  • The Business-plan (a techno-economical feasibility) of the credit for financing the construction.
  • The contract with the General Contractor and primary sub-contractors.
  • Documentation on the estimated budget for the construction project.
  • Financial model for the credit period.

Credit for investment purposes:

  • The Business-plan for the investment project.
  • Cost estimating documentation for the project including licenses, permissive documentation for the construction, informational sheets according to Forms № КБ-2 and КБ-3.

Project financing:

  • The Business-plan for the project
  • Financial model for the credit period (it should include the payback calculation of the project).

Other documents can also be requested by the Bank in case of necessity.