Documentary and guarantee operations

PSC “Prominvestbank” offers enterprises, which are engaged in export-import activity, with a full range of services for documentary and guarantee operations related to this activity.

We shall help you to:

  • Select the optimal settlement structure by providing professional advice on the use of documentary tools in the international and domestic markets.
  • Reduce the risks of non-payment or failure in the delivery of goods, as well as reduce the cost of international economic and trade operations through documentary letters of credit, guarantees, documentary encashment.
  • Better structuring your trading operations with the help of documentary tools, which will allow you to reduce production costs according to the agreement.

For more information details on documentary and guarantee operations, please contact the Department of International Economic Activity of PSC “Prominvestbank” via the phones:

+38 (044) 364-65-67
+38 (044) 364-65-03

We guarantee you our professional service at the highest level, backed up by many years of practical experience of cooperation with the world's leading banks; as well as an individual approach to each Client, taking into account all the current requirements for documentary settlements and use of guarantees.

Additional information: